‘But We Can Do More’ – By Culain Wood – commissioned by Ulterior Events

Projects by Ulterior Events


“What if we told you, that it was time to go and live?”

The force behind PROJECTS by Ulterior Events is the ability to galvanise groups to change lives for the better and to leave a lasting and physical legacy.
As a corporate partner and owner of a project, you will have the chance to give your colleagues the opportunity to enrich their life and the life of a friend they are yet to meet yet by doing good.

We’re not talking about charity here.

We want to take you and your colleagues to some of the most vibrant and exciting parts of the world, where curiosity meets culture, but we want to do it differently.
We want your company to make a difference. We want your colleagues to leave with pride and with the knowledge that they have simply made things better.

The projects we will be offering, in partnership with the amazing team at ‘Being’, are enlightening and empowering experiences for everyone involved.

The projects will be an opportunity to make a lasting difference to the people living in our host countries and communities.

A few days’ work for your colleagues will make a huge contribution to improving and changing lives forever.

It’s about stepping off the plane and onto the runway with purpose and passion.

“What are we here for?”
“What can we do?”

The potential this has for inspiring and motivating your colleagues is limitless. We’re talking about building things here, getting back to basics and doing it brick by brick.

Empathy, not sympathy, is what we’re going for with these projects, and your colleagues will work alongside the people they’ve travelled to help, every step of the way.

We will be building playgrounds for village schools in Africa, installing working toilets for shelters in India and creating lasting legacies.

This isn’t about money; this is about doing it.

It’s about flying home, emotionally charged, and looking around at your colleagues saying “we did that”.

This definitely isn’t ‘roughing it’ and it certainly isn’t your typical team building exercise, it’s about delivering meaningful change where meaningful change is so desperately needed.

Your colleagues will feel energised and inspired, whilst your hosts will be eternally grateful for the time and effort you as a company have spent with them, and, more importantly, what you have done for them.

There is a lot to explain, and a lot of stories to tell, but if you feel that this extraordinary potential sits within your corporate remit and you would like to know more, then please get in touch.

To discuss how you can become a PROJECT partner, please call Graham Alderman on 07850 556774.

This is personal, so let’s make it personal.

Let us tell you about our projects and let’s work out how you can make a difference with us.

‘But We Can Do More’  – By Culain Wood – commissioned by Ulterior Events
I think that you’re fed up of being told to just ‘give’
But what if we told you that it was time to go and live?
To see the world and its people from a different point of view
To see everyone as your equal, no matter what job they do.
That it was time to explore, to experience, to express
To develop, to design, to do your best just to de-stress.
The whole world needs a holiday, the whole world needs a break
And we should make no apology for this, because it isn’t a mistake.
It’s a symptom of a system that has worn our patience in
And now it’s paper thin.

But so is everyone else’s, and if you look beyond yourself
You’ll see the needlessness of greed and the needs of everybody else.
You’ll see that empathy, not sympathy, is the road that we must choose
And that decency and dignity, are ours to give, they’re ours to use.
We were born into this place, we won the geographical lottery
It doesn’t look a lot from space, but it means quite a lot to me
That half the world’s population would swap places just like that
And even with situations like the one that each of us have just had
We give so much already and you’ve been asked a hundred times before
But we can do more.

You cannot do all the good that the world needs, that much is true
But the world needs, all the good that you can do.
The world needs all of your hard work, if you can give it
It needs you to roll the sleeves up on your shirt, it needs your heart, it needs your spirit.
There are people across the globe, over the sea, in the next town
Who need people like you, to buckle up and knuckle down.
To grit your teeth and look beneath the stones that have so far remained unturned
And when you do you’ll learn new things that can never be unlearned.
So dam the flood, and teach the children, build a hospital for the sick
And do it brick by brick.

You are just one person though, a relative drop in the sea
But if I come with you and a friend does too, then that, at least, makes three.
There can’t be too many cooks with this sort of thing, for many hands, the work is light
So bring whatever number you can bring, it’s not the size of the dog, it’s the size of the fight.
And the fight is on now, we’re gearing up, to tackle storms, to tame the seas
And we’re doing all of this, and more, In the wake of wars, and to take on disease
Maybe though, this isn’t for you, after all, you give to charity
But just for consistency, and to provide a little clarity
I know I’ve said it once already, but I’ll say it again, so you are sure
We can do more.

Culain Wood