The memory makers

A Team is not a group of people who work together, a team is a group of people who trust each other. We’re a great team at Ulterior. We get on well and we share a passion for delivering mind-blowing incentive travel events. Let me tell you a little bit about us and what makes us tick as individuals.


I love this business. I really do. What can be better than being in an industry that takes me around the World and shows me the best it has to offer, and then I have the absolute pleasure of sharing that wonder with a whole bunch of guests. What we do is hard work. We make it hard work because we strive for perfection. We push the boundaries and we push our suppliers because we want the best for all our groups. I want everyone that comes on our trips to be blown away by them. Blown away by the destination, the programme, the activities but most of all, blown away by how we put it all together. I have the best team to work with and I want people to see what we do and how we make a difference. I have been on trips as a guest organised by other agencies and they do not come close to what we do. I believe passionately that we bring so much to the table when it comes to the ideas, the plans, the detail and the execution. I love my gang.


Fiona has been part of our set-up for far too many years than I am going to say here, but let me just say that she has a LOT of experience! Originally working for my Father, Fiona is now a Director of Ulterior Events. She is completely detail driven and is the perfect business partner for me (I am a bit more creative than detail!). She works tirelessly and has the complete trust of her clients. She builds relationships by showing true commitment to each event and has a memory recall of guests, dietary requirements and special requests that is second to none. Ulterior Events needs real dedication and commitment to the cause and Fiona has played a real part in the success of the business and is a good mate as well – it’s a rather nice way to work to be honest!


Ellie is a key member of Ulterior who works well with the team and when she’s not managing her own events, offers great support to the others. Since joining us, Ellie has bought into the company spirit and the detail driven ethos that we have. She works particularly well with her clients and they have complete trust in everything that she does – as do I. On site, Ellie is a complete natural with guests and has a fabulous attitude to the work ethics needed and brings a very welcome and smiley face to the early mornings after the late nights.


A special mention must go to Martin Alderman or Dad as I know him! In 1991, Teamwork was born and Martin, with his team did some amazing incentive events around the world. I used to listen to tales of Status Quo in Mexico, The Beach Boys on the beach (where else) in the Bahamas and a group of 650 for four nights in Singapore and Bali. I had pictures painted by his accounts of his events. There was no WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook – he had to come and tell me what went on, and then when Snappy Snaps has done their bit, he used to show me some photos. He’s retired now. I bought the company and re-branded it, but he’s still a good ear to have when I need an opinion or an idea and I am proud to carry on the legacy he put in place. Thanks Dad.



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