We have a lifetime of experience

Our core business is and always has been to design, organise and manage seamless, extraordinary and lifetime experience incentive group travel. Our desire to put together the perfect trip in the perfect location is our beating heart and our commitment to our clients and their guests to ensure that every single person enjoys every single minute is entrenched in our DNA. Incentive travel is us. It is what we do. To answer the question as to why you should consider using Ulterior. The answer is because you can trust us to deliver more than you ever thought was possible.


Incentive travel has the power to engage and inspire people to deliver their best. This means you need the best in the field to deliver the experience and that’s Ulterior.

We create it, we execute it, we guarantee it

We start by getting to know you, your company, your brand and what makes you, and your team tick.

We deliver unforgettable experiences by focusing on our four pillars of purpose:

  • The depth of our knowledge
  • The detail in what we deliver
  • The passion for what we do
  • The trust in our own ability

Whether it’s fine dining over the Zambezi or an open jeep tour around Jaipur, whether it’s a Segway tour around Barcelona or pizza making in Rome, every trip will be as exceptional as our first.

Why? Because it’s the little things that matter. We leave no stone unturned. We always, always remember that regardless of our experience, for the guest it could be their first time.

We treat each guest as an individual, even though they arrive as part of a group. Our desire is to make sure that every single person on the trip has THE best time they could possibly have. This is the Ulterior way and this is what we believe that true Incentive Travel is about.

We love what we do, and we’d love to speak to you about your next trip, there’s no time like the present!