What They Didn’t Teach Me At Uni

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When embarking on my adventure at University as an 18-year-old student, I often questioned … Will this degree prepare me for the real world working in the events industry? Even today, people ask if I required a degree qualification to get to where I am, and the simple answer is…it has definitely helped! However, I […]

We Do Love A Good DMC

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A DMC (Destination Management Company) / ground agent is our right arm and a huge part of our success as a company but with a world that is so connected and information so freely available, are they as relevant today as they have always been? If you want your incentive to be the absolute best […]

Some Memories Will Never Fade

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Wow! There are certain things that you experience in your life that come with more than just an expectation and the opportunity to view first-hand the mountain gorillas in Rwanda was one of those. But nothing, seriously nothing can ever prepare you for this experience. There are moments in your life when it all stands […]

Incentive Travel

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At a recent networking bash, I was divulging a little bit about we do. I offered the usual soundbite pitch – Incentive travel/groups/fabulous hotels/trips of a lifetime etc., etc., etc.. and got the unexpected response of “Do companies still do big travel incentives?”