Barbados for Christmas?
Oh, yeah!

June 24, 2020

Who would not want to spend their Christmas in Barbados? There is an abundance of amazing things to do, especially at Christmas time. I spent my last Christmas in Barbados to not only escape the bitter cold weather in England, but to experience the Christmas festivities in a different setting and culture. Barbados is a beautiful country in the Caribbean best known for its dreamy beaches, luxurious hotels, stunning crystal-clear seas, and all year-round glorious weather. Here is why I think you should spend your Christmas in Barbados …

Food and drink

Indulging at Christmas is an essential part of the celebration, Barbados has an unparalleled choice of places to eat from fine dining restaurants to beach shacks to sitting amongst the locals at Oystin’s Fish Fry enjoying the local catch of the day. During my time in Barbados, I stayed at The Sugar Bay Hotel in Bridgetown, which had an array of fantastic restaurants. One of them being the all-important buffet where Christmas dinner was served. Christmas day does not involve your typical turkey feast but instead Bajans prepare glazed ham, jug-jug, sorrel to wash it down and not forgetting the famous great cake doused in dark rum for desert, it was all delicious and exceeded my expectations! The rum punches were of course flowing throughout the day, and the atmosphere was filled with cheer and festive jingles.


The Races
Boxing day kicked-off with an exciting adventure to Garrison Savannah to watch the horse races. On arrival, the venue was bursting with vibrant markets, locals enjoying cocktails along the lawns ready with their bets! The atmosphere was exhilarating. From crowds of teenagers to large families, anyone was welcome to enjoy the day. As the sun beamed down on the tracks, multiple cocktails and ice creams were relished throughout the day. This really was a fantastic event to immerse yourselves with the locals.

Explore the Island

After Christmas at home, it’s always a questionable time with how to spend the rest of your holiday. But in Barbados, exploring the Island with an experienced guide in a 4×4 open top jeep kept the festivities flowing. Exploring around the stunning West and East coast of the Island was certainly a highlight. I even saw the street that Rihanna grew up on! After a day in the jeep taking in the beautiful views and stopping at some of Barbados’ greatest viewpoints, it is definitely worth experiencing as you can certainly see a lot in one day.


Oystin’s Fish Fry

Oystin’s fish fry is an open-air market that is famed across the whole of Barbados for its local fresh fish. Before travelling, I received several recommendations to visit Oystin’s as it provides a richness of community and togetherness, and not forgetting the delicious fish. I visited on a Friday night which is one of the livelier nights to experience, and it did not disappoint. Uncle Georges’ Fish Net Grill was where I plotted for the evening. The staff treated you like their own and were very accommodating. I went for shrimps which were phenomenal, but I could not help but notice the other amazing dishes speeding out the kitchen. After my appetite was supressed, it was off to explore the rest of the market. Surrounded by booming music, everyone was up on their feet enjoying a rum punch and a dance to the beat. Oystin’s Fish Fry Friday was undoubtedly the greatest highlight of the trip.

The Sun

Christmas at home is usually spent in thick coats, scarves, gloves, and hats. But certainly not in Barbados. Throughout my holiday, the sun did not stop shining for the whole 8 days! Experiencing Christmas in the heat does make you question if it really is Christmas, but it is safe to say, I still had my Christmas spirit whilst sipping on a rum punch enjoying the beautiful landscapes.

Break the norm!

Christmas is usually a time for home comforts and spending time with your loved ones exchanging gifts. But celebrating in Barbados really is a special experience that I will treasure forever as it offers you the best of both worlds, celebration, and a beautiful destination! I would highly recommend spending your Christmas away from home to break the norm and experience a different side to the festivities.

Written by Ellie Frowd