Emirates. It Really Is First Class

February 1, 2018

(!!), 4 of the legs were booked with Emirates Business which in it’s own right is pretty comfy.

The A380 experience is really heightened by what can only be described as an on board pub where you can stand, mingle, have a good drink and help yourself to some tasty bar nibbles all whilst gliding at 38000 ft. The seats are stretch out lovely and the food is delish. On the leg from Bangkok to Dubai, with only one more leg to go, I received those always welcome words “you’ve been upgraded on the next leg”, and from business, there’s only one way to go. So what’s the first class experience like? Firstly, you don’t have a seat, you have a “suite”. I was in Suite 4 and it really is your own space.

A seat like an armchair, a TV screen which would look good in my lounge, my own private mini bar “just press this button sir your mini bar appears!”, my sliding door that just after take off changed my seat into a “suite”, vintage Dom Pérignon etc, etc, etc… and the piece de resistance was being asked whether I would like to take a shower before landing? “Sorry” I said “What, a shower?!” And low and behold, there were 2 enormous bathrooms with full size showers, hairdryer, the lot.

The only proviso was that you could only spend 4 minutes in the shower – 4 minutes?! I don’t spend that long in the shower on a lazy Sunday morning. Emirates First Class on the A380 is truly an experience. Would I pay for it over business? – probably not as business class gives you all you need and more. Would I take it on an upgrade again?

Just try and stop me!

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